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Schunk Nordiska –
world class in carbon technology

Schunk Nordiska is the company that represents the Schunk Group with production and marketing in the whole of the Scandinavian market. Centred in Lenhovda, north-east of Växjö in Småland, the company produces and develops customised applications in graphite technology. In marketing activities Schunk Nordiska represents the other Schunk Group companies, and is thus a very strong and innovative business partner for industrial companies in Scandinavia.

Operations are based on graphite, which in powdered form is pressed, graphitised and imbued with the properties required by the customer. Graphite withstands high and low temperatures, and this capacity to withstand extreme conditions makes graphite a highly suitable material for coatings and mechanical seals in demanding environments. Another important area of application is in components for current transfer, as brushes in motors, earth return brushes and current collectors for rail vehicles and trains.

Products from the factory at Lenhovda include customised product for traction, pump and compressor technology and complete brush systems for direct current drive. The sales organisation covers the whole of Scandinavia, and supplies customers in industries such as glass production, processing and engineering. The company in Lenhovda has about 60 employees and a turnover of about SEK 135 million.

We are certified according to:

EN 15085-2 certification level CL 1 (pdf)

SS-EN ISO 3834-2 (pdf)

SS-EN ISO 9001-2008 (pdf)